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Stop trading emotionally and start trading with a backtested strategy.


Stratus indicator


Our tools will alert you when high momentum breakouts are occurring. They are great at highlighting the underlying trend as well.


They can also give insight into fading momentum and incoming reversals. This is critical for taking profits at smart times.


Stratus tools feature various effective strategies for trade management. Cut the losers short, and let the winners run.


Master the tools and you will be able understand how the indicator will react to various price changes. Forecast future trends with ease.

Performance Metrics

success rate

Our tools have exceptionally high success rates with AND without trade management rules.

average profit factor

By capturing high mometum trades we are also able to capture high profit factor trades. Risking $100 to make $250.

backtests conducteed

We are dedicated to only providing tools that we know have significance in trading and forecasting. All our tests can be found in the Statrus docs.


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Let us do all the analysis and send you comprehensive research reports EVERY week! We also send out a broader monthly report.

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Get access to all of our proprietary analysis and model trading portfolio. Follow along with our professional analysts' personal trades.

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AIO Package

Join a chatroom filled with experienced traders who can help you learn the Stratus trading methods. Share ideas and profit together!

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As the creators of these tools, we have spent countless hours perfecting our trading strategies based on these indicators. Join the chatroom to get access to our trades.

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Read  the  educational  material!

Please take the time to review all provided resources related to the indicator, and general trading methodology.

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The chatroom is filled with experienced traders who only want the best from each other. Take time to join the conversation and you will learn something new guaranteed.


Apply  a  trading  strategy

Once you have gotten comfortable with our tools and resources; its now time to apply the tools to an actual trading strategy. Whether it's day trading with futures, or swing trading options... Our tools will fit nicely with ANY strategy you can think of!